What Are the Different Types of Dental Emergencies?

What Are the Different Types of Dental Emergencies?

What Are the Different Types of Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency is any unexpected injury or trauma to the teeth or gums that requires immediate treatment. Dental emergencies can range in severity from minor tooth pain to severe trauma that may require immediate medical attention.

Here are the most common ones:


A toothache can cause severe, throbbing pain that affects the whole jaw area. This can be a sign of an infection or exposure to hot or cold temperatures. You might also have a fever and swollen lymph nodes in the affected area. Call your dentist right away if you experience a toothache that lasts longer than an hour. This could indicate an abscessed tooth that needs immediate treatment. 

In the meantime, rinse your mouth with warm water and floss around your teeth to remove food particles that could be causing the problem. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce discomfort while you wait for your appointment. If your toothache is caused by a loose filling or crown, try placing a piece of sugar-free gum or the inside of your cheek over the tooth to cushion it until you can be seen by the dentist.

Broken Tooth

If you break a tooth, you should rinse the mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. Then, call your dentist right away for an emergency appointment. For a broken or chipped front tooth, it’s possible to use a cosmetic bonding technique to quickly repair the damage. Otherwise, the tooth will need to be covered with a dental crown to protect it from breaking further and restore its appearance.

Tooth Infection

Root canal infections are another major cause of dental emergencies. Symptoms may include sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods, oral pain, and a throbbing sensation in the gums. If you have a root canal infection, your dentist can clean the interior of the tooth and seal the opening to protect against reinfection. Once the tooth has healed, it will be restored with a dental crown to protect the tooth permanently.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can be quickly fixed with a filling or a crown. These are both called restorative options because they restore the tooth’s appearance and function. Fillings are applied to small chips in the enamel, while crowns are for larger breaks on the tooth. Since not all of a tooth needs to be damaged before needing a filling or a crown, both of these procedures can prevent more extensive chips and cracks from forming.

If a chip is severe enough to damage the nerves and pulp of the tooth, it can require a root canal procedure before the restorative work can begin. Once the nerve tissue has been removed from the tooth, it can then be restored with a filling or dental crown.

Knocked-out Tooth

If a tooth is knocked out, it is important to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. The sooner the tooth is restored, the better for the long-term health of the affected tooth. Depending on the severity of the situation, the dentist may either be able to reattach the tooth to the socket or perform a dental implant to replace it.

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